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Tips : How to keep Coffee fresh with best flavor and aroma.

Ensure that Roaster Supplier use Air-Valve Alluminium Bag packing to prevent coffee exposed to air.

Freshness Tip No.1
Always buy directly from the Roaster's Supplier or website. Most Suppliers will roast the beans and ship directly within 1 to 2 days after roasting. Roasted coffee beans give their best flavor and aromatic properties from the oils in the roasted beans. After roasting, these oils will come to the surface and evaporate taking the flavor and aroma with it. The less surface area exposed to air, the longer it will take for the flavor to deteriorate.

Freshness Tip No.2
Buy whole bean coffee and only grind/ground as much coffee as one plan on using that very day. Heat, light, humidity, and oxygen are accelerants to deteriorating flavor and aroma by damaging these delicate coffee oils.

Freshness Tip No.3
Store the coffee in a cool, dark, air tight container or better yet, one of those vacuum containers. Do not store roasted coffee in the refrigerator because it will absorb odors which will affect the taste. If one do not plan to drink coffee within a couple of weeks, try storing them in the freezer, but condensation will affect the beans once they warm to room temperatrure, so do not often take them in and out. It is believed the extreme temperatures of a freezer will damage the oils and produce less crema.

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                                                         Major Characterics

Acidity          : The sensation of dryness in one's mouth, as a desirable quality and not to be confused with sour (bad
                       quality). Acidity creates a lively, bright taste which without it, the coffee would taste flat.

Aroma          : Aroma is the distinctive smell and fragrance of coffee, where one get the subtle differences from others.

Body            : The way coffee feels in one's mouth, its viscosity or heaviness. The best way to describe it is the comparison
                      to how whole milk, water and oil feels in one's mouth.

Flavor         : This is the overall perception of the above three characterics. Flavor can be rich (full bodied), multi-flavored or
                     balanced (not any characterics over-kills the other).
                                                                       Tasting the Roasts

When coffee beans are roasted and brewed, it taste from a sharper, more acidic taste, to a smoother taste, and finally to a full bodied, almost charred taste. Below is a breakdown of the typical roasts, followed by the flavor characterics.

                  Light Roast        : Light Brown and dry surface with a bright, acidic toasted grain taste.

                  Medium Roast   : Milk Chocolate brown with a dry surface that has an acidic, bright but lacks the grain taste.

                  Dark Roast       : Darker Brown with a satin apperance with slight bittersweet tang with less acidity.

                  Expresso Roast : Dark Chocolate with patches of oil that has little acidity and noticeably bittersweet.

                  French Roast    : Almost Black and very oily with almost no acidity and very bittersweet.
           Desirable flavor qualities                                                         Undesirable flavor qualities

Bright or dry : highly acidic leaving a dry after taste          Bitter    : after taste perceived on the back of the tongue

Caramelly    : caramel like or syrupy.                               Bland    : neutral in flavor

Chocolaty    : after taste similar to unsweetened               Carbony: Burnt charcoal flavor
                     chocolate or vanila

Earty           : a soily like quality, may be unfavourable     Earthy    : a musty, soily-like quality

Fragrant      : an aroma ranging from floral                       Flat        : lacking aroma, acidity and with aftertaste

Fruity          : having a citrus or berry scent                      Grassy   : aroma and taste of grass

Mellow       : a smooth taste lacking acidity but not flat     Harsh     : a caustic, raspy quality

Nutty          : similar to roasted nuts                                 Muddy   : thick and flat taste

Spicy          : an exotic aroma of various spices                Musty    : slightly stuffy smell, may be desirable in aged coffees

Sweet         : a lack of harshness                                     Rubbery : a smell of burnt rubber

Wild           : a meat flavor, rarely considered favorable   Sour       : over sourness, a tart flavor such as unripe fruit

Winy          : aftertaste resembling a mature wine             Turpeny : aflavor resembling turpentine

                                                                                     Watery  : a lack of body

                                                                                      Wild     : a meat flavor