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About Coffee Arabica
Types of Coffee

In General, there are 2 species of coffee, namely Robusta Coffee and Arabica Coffee.

Robusta Coffee :
Robusta Coffee is a lower grade of coffee that is typically grown at lower elevations. It has more of an astringent flavor and contains a higher amount of Caffeine.
The Robusta trees are easier to grow and maintain. They are also more disease resistant and produce a much higher yield of coffee cherries. This type of coffee is typically used to achieve a lower price drinking coffee.
About two-thirds of the world's coffee comes from Arabica beans, which are used by coffee shops such as Starbucks. The rest are Robusta beans, used in instant coffee, Espresso and low-cost blends. Robusta beans give an Espresso its froth, or "crema," and have about twice as much Caffeine as Arabica beans.
We do not produce or sell Robusta Coffee Green beans or Roasted beans.

Arabica Coffee :
Arabica Coffee is the superior grade of coffee that most people usually refer to as Gourmet Coffee. They contain about half of the Caffeine of Robusta Coffee and have more desirable flavors and aromatic properties. We meet this low Caffeine criteria. Much of the coffee grown world wide is of the Arabica species, but only a fraction meets standard set by the Specialty Coffee Association of America. Prices for Arabica Coffee beans on the New York Board of Trade could climb more than 10 percent in the next few months and outperform some of this year's best commodities investments, including copper and silver.
The International Coffee Organization forecasts a 2 percent rise in global coffee consumption to 9 million tons. Many of the world's biggest coffee producer, is unlikely in 2009 to repeat its bumper crop to reach a world total 12 million tons this year. Dry weather is hurting world coffee plantations, and the flowering that starts in August/September will be damaged if there is no rain soon, hurting next year's crop.
We could cope out with limited supplies from the Burmese small holder farmers, via the Bangkok coffee market.

The Effects of Caffeine : To Buzz or Not to Buzz

Most people drink and consumed Caffeine because it stimulates their brains and their bodies with vitality or just because the Caffeinated drink tastes good. Unfortunately, many could lose sleep or suffer with headaches, neck aches, agitation, and even anxiety. For this reason, once past the era of 20 plus age, Caffeine intake moderation should be practised.
Researchers struggle to substantiate both positive and negative effects of Caffeine, and agree that Caffeine in moderation is safe for the health of the average adult. Researchers are even working on claims that Caffeine in moderation can serve as a preventative agent against some cancers, heart disease, Parkinson's disease, headaches, and more.
But What is moderation? The American Medical Association sets the limits at 300 milligrams per day equivalent to 7 cups of tea or 3 cups of coffee and this amount may be lower for pregnant women and children.

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We Harvest only Arabica Coffee and pre-select only the large and heathy Green Beans for Roasting in Bangkok meant for export to other parts of the world.

Four Grades of Ground or Whole Bean Coffee Master Special Roast with Super Fragrance are packed for export;

 1) Light Roast                       : Euro 8.00 per pack.
                                                      (packed in 250 grams weight alluminium bag with air-valve).

 2) Medium Roast (Mocca) : Euro 8.00 per pack.
                                                      (packed in 250 grams weight alluminium bag with air-valve).

 3) Dark Roast                        : Euro 8.00 per Pack.
                                                      (packed in 250 grams weight alluminium bag with air-valve).

 4) Expresso Roast               : Euro 8.00 per pack.
                                                      (packed in 250 grams weight alluminium bag with air-valve).

 5) French Roast                   : Euro 8.00 per pack.
                                                      (packed in 250 grams weight alluminium bag with air-valve).

 ***Minimum export Two (2) Kilograms for 8 packs (mix Roast) : Total FOB Bangkok Euro 32.00

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Thai Pepper for Export

Black Pepper bean in One Kg. Plastic bag pack in 10 Kgs. per Carton Box. : FOB Bangkok EURO 80.00 per Carton

Black Pepper
ground powder in 0ne Kg. Plastic bag pack in 10 Kgs. per Carton Box : FOB Bangkok EURO 100.00 per Carton.

White Pepper
bean in One Kg. plastic bag pack in 10 Kgs. per Carton Box : FOB  Bangkok EURO 140.00 per Carton

White Pepper
ground powder in One Kg Plastic bag pack in 10 Kgs. Carton Box : FOB Bangkok EURO 160.00 per Carton

***Minimum Sample order : One Carton Box with Ten (10) Kgs. White/Black Pepper.
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