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produces large quantities of high quality Arabica Coffee, north of Mandalay by virtue of its suitable weather, unpolluted natural water sources and good quality red soil plateaus at elevations above 3,300 feet, with a well distributed annual average rainfall of 59 to 79 inches and a very distinctive, yet essential dry season.

Most of the Coffee Farmers do not use any toxic pesticides or pesticides. Hence, Burmese Arabica Coffee are naturally Oraganic Coffee.

Our Arabica Coffee Bean, are tender and tilted every hour during the sun drying process that is important to evenly dry out the water content and thus could be roasted to a much superior Arabica Coffee brew from Burma with excellent aroma, body and taste because it applies the delicate art of coffee roasting with super high temperature, at extra short roast time, yet evenly roasting each and every single bean with same even color throughout, that bring out just the right essential coffee oil and fragrance in time, before it is evaporated as white smokes through the chimney, that other roasters did not foreseen. Thus, our Burmese Arabica Coffee has always been occupying a high standing, with its excellent taste and aroma than ordinary coffee readily found in the Supermarket and Grocery Store.

All Burmese Arabica Coffee products, be it Green Coffee Beans, or Roasted Beans are exported via Bangkok Postal EMS, TNT, FEDEX, DHL or Containers via Sea-Ports.


 Finest 100%  Burmese Arabica Coffee for Export.
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 Burmese High Altitude Arabica Coffee
Burmese Arabica Coffee
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History of coffee in Burma

Missionaries initiated coffee growing in Burma in 1885, as reported by the Agriculture Burma Office in 1940. Initially, in Mergui and Tavoy. Two coffee experiment farms were established by the Department of Forestry then, but these were terminated within a few years. Kayin State (Nancho area) also established coffee farms at the same time. Separately, Karen tribesmen developed and produced Robusta Coffee, which still continues to the present day.

Roman Catholic Missionaries
introduced Arabica Coffee in 1930 to Southern and Northern Shan State and in Memyo. From 1930 to 1934 a large, 120-acre, Arabica Coffee plantation called 'Chaungwe,' was established at Northern Shan State. All of these areas still produce commercial Arabica Coffee till today.

Jatropha Nut or Physic Nut is the seed of the Jatropha Curcas plant that grow up to 5 meters tall. Jatropha plants can grow almost in any soil conditions, including sandy, saline and even in crevices of rocks.

When Jatropha Nuts are crushed, its oil can be processed to produced a high quality Biodiesel that can powered cars and aeroplanes. The residue waste or press-cake processed into Biomess to power electricity plants and as an excellent fertilizer for it contains nitrogen, phospherous and potassium.

plants can be inter-cropped with other plants, like fruits, vegetables and coffee, making it an ideal subsistence crop with good income for farmers.

has more than 70,000 acres of Jatropha Nuts plantation and envisaged to reduce the country's oil imports of 40,000 barrels a day.

Jatropha Nuts for Biodiesel from Burma

 Jatropha Nuts
 Jatropha & Castor Oil Nuts
 Ricinas Communis or Castor Oil Nuts
Pepper or Piper Nigrum is a flowering Vine cultivated for its berries. The Pepper plant could grow up to 4 meters in height, when supported by trees or poles. The unripe or still green Pepper berries when cooked in water to be soften and clean, then dried, is known as Peppercorn or Black Pepper. White Pepper is usually prepared by a process known as retting, whereby the ripen berry fruits are soak in water for a week, sometimes with chlorine, to soften its skin, and when decomposes, its skin is removed, leaving the seed which is then dried, as White Pepper.

Thai Pepper
is well known as a superior spice for all seasoning gourmet, and ground White Pepper and Black Pepper are readily found in all dining tables around the world.

Thai Pepper or Peppercorn
 High Altitude Burmese Organic Arabica Coffee
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